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Copy of Copy of RifleKraft Unconventional Skills Assessment (Sept 17/18 Fort Morgan CO)

Copy of Copy of RifleKraft Unconventional Skills Assessment (Sept 17/18 Fort Morgan CO)

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This two-day event will test a variety of common shooting skills and measure your ability against a hard standard. After two days of shooting a battery of stages/tests you will be given a report of the factors measured in a quantified statistical document.

From the data collected you will see and be able to visualize your strengths and weaknesses as well as discuss ways to bridge the skills you have, to where you hope to be for a variety of goals.


Rifle enthusiasts, shooting competitors, hunters, and anyone who wants to understand their personal shooting can benefit from a detailed look at the factors that influence their shooting and ways to get closer to where they hope to be.


Following stages or chunks of assessments Chris and Frank will discuss elements of the tests to clarify what we are looking for and how it might influence your goals as well as offer tips from watching you tackle the challenges.


The format will look similar to a National two-day competition where people will shoot a series of stages, but the information gathered and shared with participants will be something that has never been done or seen before in precision rifle shooting.


We hope to build not only a global standard, but also help bridge the gap between skills and goals in a way that has never been done. Think of it as a physical for your shooting and the outcome will help guide your growth and development in a data driven way.


Available, In person, events in Fort Morgan Colorado:

June 18/19