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Several Coaching Modalities exist at RifleKraft 

The general template is described below:

A cutting-edge solution designed to take competitive marksmen, teams, and motivated shooters to new heights. With a focus on mental and skill development, this program offers a comprehensive approach to honing your shooting abilities with a keen emphasis on whole shooter enhancement.

At RifleKraft, we understand that mastering the art of marksmanship requires more than just pinpoint accuracy. That's why we have developed a meticulously crafted program that combines the mastery of fundamentals with personalized attention to each participant.

Through detailed weekly training sessions, participants will learn about and enhance their understanding of the essential building blocks that form the foundations up. With weekly individual and group meetings, you will have exclusive access to our team of experts who will guide you through a range of carefully curated drills and exercises. These drills not only challenge your technical abilities but also foster a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of shooting.

Our program aims to push your limits, enabling you to achieve and surpass your goals, whether it be in competitions or personal milestones.

Key Features:

·      Mental and skill development tailored to competitive marksmen, teams, and motivated shooters

·      Detailed fundamentals training for each participant

·      Weekly individual and group meetings with expert coaches

·      Personalized goal setting and progress tracking

·      Curated drills and exercises that challenge and enhance shooting abilities

·      Emphasis on holistic shooter


·      Weekly 60-minute video conferences with the whole team to discuss overall goals/strategies, question/answer, and other concerns

·      Weekly 30-minute video conferences with each shooter to discuss their individual training elements/details

·      Access to private video links for their exercises and drills

·      Access to an analytic site to enter and quantify data for discussion

·      Season planning and group support

·      Mental training

·      Technical training

·      Camaraderie


·      3 Months minimum

·      Month to month extension

·      Contact for Custom  


·      3 month minimum as a 500/mo subscription




Requires email to for application. 

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